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Our Team

Anahit Simonyan

Anahit Simonyan 

Director and Executive Editor

Anahit is a researcher, human rights practitioner and feminist activist.

Her areas of expertise include women’s rights, protection from violence and discrimination and advancement of socio- economic rights.

Anahit has 10 years of professional experience. Throughout her career she has cooperated with numerous local and international organizations and has authored and co-authored more than 20 researches, articles and publications.

Anahit holds MA in Theory and Practice of Human Rights from the University of Essex, UK.

Since 2023 Anahit is a lecturer at Master's Program in Public Policy Research at Yerevan State University.

Since 2022, Anahit Simonyan works as a National Gender and Human Rights Expert at American University of Armenia’s Acopian Center for the Environment.

Since 2018 Anahit is the Director of the Human Rights Research Center (HRRC).



Ani Asatryan


Ani is a researcher with an expertise in the field of disability rights and anti-discrimination and with and extensive experience in communications and advertising. 


Melineh Bilbulyan

Project Officer

Meline is an experienced project coordinator and project officer dedicated to human rights advocacy. Throughout her career, she demonstrated success in managing diverse projects for NGOs and various organizations in Armenia and Lebanon.

Interns and volunteers

Seda Arakelyan.png

Seda Arakelyan


Seda did her internship at HRRC in November-December, 2023.

She is a journalist, graduate of Yerevan State University. 

"One of my key professional goals is to learn how to apply new media technologies in practice. The internship at HRRC completely aligned with my expectations. It was, in fact, more than I expected, both in terms of smooth internal communication and in terms of building the projects well organizationally. 

While working at HRRC, I got acquainted with research practices of the organization and explored the landscape of organizations involved in the protection of human rights. With that, I filled my information gap, gained an opportunity to look at some of human rights issues and concerns from a different perspective.

It was very valuable for me to see that within the team of HRRC everyone's opinions and approaches are being discussed and taken into account before carrying out this or that action. Whatever ideas or opinions I had, I was free to speak up and discuss because I felt the team encouraged it".

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