Our team

Meet the core team of the Human Rights Research Center.

Anahit Simonyan 

Co-founder and Director

I am a human rights researcher and feminist activist with expertise in areas of women's rights, right to equality and anti-discrimination, advancement of social-economic rights․

Education: MA in Theory and Practice of Human Rights, University of Essex (UK)․

My professional background includes research and advocacy, human rights training and project coordination. Throughout my career I cooperated with numerous local and international human rights organizations and networks



Nvard Piliposyan

Legal and Policy Expert, Researcher

I am based in Yerevan, Armenia I am a practicing lawyer and legal professional.

Education: LL.M Program, American University of Armenia.

I work in the field of human rights since 2011. My professional interests are mainly labour rights, women's rights, non-discrimination and equality, hate speech and freedom of expression. 


Ani Asatryan

Co-Founder and Communications Expert

I  am a researcher with an expertise in the field of disability rights and anti-discrimination with 6 years of experience and communications expert. 

Ani Tadevosyan

Project Assistant and Field Work Coodinator

I hold an MA degree in IT project management  from Yerevan State Economic University. I have an extensive experience in interviewing and election monitoring.