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Our concept

Human Rights Research Center (HRRC) is a registered organization operating since 2018, dedicated to upholding human rights, social justice and democracy in Armenia through research and evidence-based advocacy. 

Our vision is the creation of an open platform for comprehensive, cross-sectoral research that will contribute to the advancement of rights-based decision-making and the growth of public’s comprehensive knowledge in human rights issues in Armenia.

Our mission is to enrich the pool of in-depth research in the field of human rights in Armenia for the purposes of evidence-based advocacy and dissemination of information about the state of human rights among a range of stakeholders, thus advancing human rights and fundamental freedoms in Armenia.

The idea of establishment of HRRC was born out of the need to create a platform that carries out cross-sectoral and detailed analysis of various human rights issues in Armenia this way acting as a source of knowledge and tool for human rights activists, academia, researchers, public institutions, international organizations etc.

Throughout our centre’s operation we aim to cover a wide range of human rights issues, reveal gaps in legislation and practice, and the existing trends and patterns related to the state of human rights in Armenia, this way also acting as an impartial, independent and research-oriented human rights monitoring and advocacy institution.  

HRRC is guided by values and principles of transparency, non-discrimination, respect for human rights, human dignity and diversity, inclusion, impartiality, and confidentiality.

Our foundation

The work of HRRC is build on the Statute of the organization, strategies and internal guidelines and procedures.

Access the STATUTE of HRRC (in Armenian).

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