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Our strategy

Our primary focus is research that investigates urgent human rights topics, collects evidence for policy change and explores discourses and narratives that influence the protection of human rights in Armenia and beyond.

  • Research and data collection on various human rights issues in Armenia, this way acting as a resource center for various local and global stakeholders.

  •  Evidence-based advocacy for the advancement of rights-based policy approaches in Armenia, based on our research findings as well as research from other institutions, with their permission, in cooperation with local and international CSOs, experts, networks, and platforms.  

  • Public awareness raising on the situation of human rights in Armenia, initiation of public discussions, cooperation with media platforms, and dissemination of our findings and research evidence.  

  • Monitoring and oversight of state reforms in Armenia, bringing forward key human rights concerns and presenting recommendations for the improvement of human rights protection to various public institutions and stakeholders. 

  • Cooperation with academia and other non-CSO actors for cross-sectoral knowledge and capacity and diversification of actors of Armenia's human rights movement. 

  • Network building, the establishment of the Network of Human Rights Researchers, for the realization of joint evidence-based advocacy around core human rights issues in Armenia.

HRRC carries out in-depth and multi-sectoral research and evidence advocacy for the advancement of rights reforms in Armenia. Among others, our focus is on the issues and groups, whose rights remain less addressed due to the lack of sensitive and human rights-based approaches within state governance and policy development.


Our team has so far conducted a substantial amount of cutting-edge and innovative research, actively advocating the human rights reform agenda in Armenia.  HRRC has produced substantial evidence for systemic changes in such areas as social rights and social policy, constitutional reform, protection of human rights defenders, gender-based violence and discrimination, and a number of reports for UN treaty bodies.

We are open to cooperation with all the groups and individuals that share our vision, values, and principles.

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