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The cooperation of HRRC with the AUA Human Rights Clinic

One of our core areas of cooperation with academic institutions is working with Legal clinics.

This summer, the Human Rights Research Center (HRRC) is collaborating with the Human Rights Clinic (HRC) of the American University of Armenia, which operates under the AUA Human Rights and Social Justice Master's Program.

HRRC in collaboration with the AUA Human Rights Clinic implements the Right to Housing Project that addresses the issue of protecting the right to adequate housing of persons people affected by the 1988 earthquake.

Under the supervision of AUA HRC Coordinator Philippa Mullins, HRRC Director Anahit Simonyan, and HRRC's invited legal expert Tatevik Tokhian, HRC students are working on a joint Alternative Report concerning the aforementioned issue. The report will be submitted for consideration by the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (hereinafter, the Committee).

So far, HRRC's invited expert Tatevik Tokhian, along with representatives from the Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law, Andrea Nardi and Alejandro Fuentes, as well as the co-director and head of the Social Justice Legal Clinic at the University of Valencia, Andrés Gascon-Guenca, have conducted capacity building meetings with the HRC students. These meetings focused on presenting tools for preparing legal reports, discussing the international framework for protecting housing rights and reviewing relevant case law developed by the Committee.

HRRC and HRC plan to submit their joint Alternative Report prior to the review of Armenia's 4th Periodic Report during the upcoming 74th Session of the Committee in Geneva, scheduled for October 3-4.

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The Right to Housing Project is implemented by HRRC in cooperation with the AUA Human Rights Clinic and with the support of the European Endowment for Democracy (EED).



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