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A Memorandum of Understanding signed between HRRC and AUA Human Rights and Social Justice Program

On May 30, A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Human Rights Research Center (HRRC) NGO and the Human Rights and Social Justice (HRSJ) Master's Program of the American University of Armenia.

The MoU was signed by the Director of HRRC, Anahit Simonyan, and the Chair of HRSJ, Siranush Sahakyan.

By signing it, HRSJ and HRRC agree to a strategic partnership in the area of human rights education and research. HRRC-HRSJ partnership particularly prioritizes։

  • Students’ capacity building aimed to strengthen the skills and knowledge of HRSJ students in the area of human rights protection,

  • Joint research initiatives for reinforcing the link between research, education, and human rights protection in Armenia,

  • Exchange of experience and resources for the development of educational and training materials relevant to strengthening knowledge and skills in areas of mutual interest.

Joint activities are aimed at boosting the involvement of HRSJ students, professors, and other representatives of the American University of Armenia in the area of the practical application of human rights research and engagement in evidence-based human rights advocacy.

HRRC, operating since 2018, is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the advancement of human rights in Armenia through research and evidence-based advocacy.

The Human Rights and Social Justice Program, offered by the AUA College of Humanities and Social Sciences, is aimed at supporting emerging leaders and future human rights advocates who can develop creative responses to complex challenges in contemporary societies.

With a mission to enhance quality research in the field of human rights in Armenia, HRRC is thrilled to cooperate with the Human Rights and Social Justice Program to bridge the academic knowledge and practical skills of human rights research.

After signing the MoU, Anahit Simonyan and Siranush Sahakyan had a working discussion on several aspects of the upcoming cooperation, including the co-organization of a summer school dedicated to legal research and international human rights mechanisms.

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