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HRRC joined an awareness raising campaign on the International Domestic Workers’ Day

On June 16, Anahit Simonyan - the Director of the Human Rights Research Center, Sona Balasanyan - the Executive Director of the Caucasus Research Resource Center-Armenia and Elen Manaseryan- the President of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia, took part in the press conference at Media Center, dedicated to the protection of housekeepers’ rights during which they spoke about the problems of domestic workers in Armenia.

HRRC & CRRC also joined efforts for the the awareness campaign aimed at protecting of labor rights of domestic worker. The campaign addressed the most common violations of the rights of domestic workers in Armenia and the risks that they face in the absence of protection mechanisms.

(photos from Media Center)

In the world there are more than 50 millions of domestic workers and only 10% of them enjoy full legal protection.

HRRC and CRRC in particular advocate for the ratification of ILO Convention on Domestic Workers by the Government of Armenia. Domestic Workers Convention was adopted in 2011, and it is the first comprehensive international legal document setting f minimum standards for the protection of the rights of domestic workers.

You can check the awareness raising campaign on the HRRC's social media pages:

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