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Our work

What we do

  • Research various human rights issues in Armenia this way acting as a resource center for various local and global stakeholders.

  • Monitor different aspects of human rights issues in Armenia through our researches as well as researches from other institutions, which with their permission, will as well be disseminated through our means and platforms of communication.

  • Establish a network of researchers, academics and activists for realization of a joint evidence-based advocacy around core human rights issues in Armenia.

  • Prepare and present recommendations for the improvement of human rights protection to various public institutions and stakeholders.

  • In cooperation with other human rights organizations and groups make announcements, petitions, calls for better protection of human rights in Armenia and worldwide.

In course of our work we have produced a number of researches, studies and reports focused on such urgent issues as violence against women, protection of social, economic and cultural rights, exploration of societal narratives around the concepts of justice and human rights, development of rights-based poverty reduction policies, etc.​

We are open for cooperation with all the groups and individuals that share our vision, values and principles.

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